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memento mori

take what's yours and leave the rest; i'll survive


- adj . liable to act without consideration ; rash ; impulsive

    Jay. 12-Sept-1991. Decidedly European, terribly British. Impulsive. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Sarcastic. Energetic. Talkative. Caffeinated. Optimistic. Temperamental. Obsessive. Outspoken. Geeky. Unconventional. Slightly unhinged. Alive. Awkward. Doesn't understand herself why she's just listing words that vaguely describe her. Or talking in third person. It amuses her, she supposes. She's also running out of words.

    Formula One. Motorsport. Barcelona. Languages. Music. Travel. Reading. Writing. Books. Food. Red Bull. Stand-up comedy. Animals. Spain. Dancing. Partying. Life. Coffee. Cats - really big ones. Pretty things. Photoshop. People. Laughter. Love. Drawing. Creating.

    Teen Wolf. White Collar. Castle. Once Upon A Time. House MD. Supernatural. How I Met Your Mother. Generation Kill. Merlin. Psych. Firefly. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 2 Broke Girls. Elementary.

    Stamped James Potter, a true Slytherdor and matched with Sirius Black. My defining spell is Sonorus as I'm boisterous, free-spirited and lively, and my Patronus is a Russian Blue @ hh_stamping.
Stamped Nymphadora Tonks and Sirius Black @ hp_stamps.
Stamped Rainbow Dash @ mlp_stamps.

    I Tweet like it's going out of style and I Tumbl sporadically. I make my own graphics and write a lot of plotless fanfiction. I was sorted into Gryffindor, Haus of BAMF at Hogwarts is Home and I think you should get sorted, too. Also, I am the Sébastien Lefebvre of LiveJournal, and damn, do I taste great. Layout CSS, profile CSS and any graphics contained within by chispas unless otherwise stated. Steal my shit and I'll kill you cry. Hysterically.


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